About the owner

My name is Adrian McAvoy, 3rd generation painter and carpenter with a great passion for the fine craftsmanship involved in fine woodworking all the way up to home construction.

I have a happy family with my beautiful wife who I am forever grateful for, I would have to say the same about my 2 daughters as well. I truly am blessed for my family and want to run an upstanding respectable business to set a good example for my girls.

I was raised around this work my whole life, often helping my father and grandfather with exterior painting, simple drywall repair, door and window installations, screening my grandfather’s porch as well as many things I can’t recall at the moment. Needless to say, I was exposed…and I was hooked.

Before I got out of high school I was knee deep in woodworking projects. While other kids spent money on games, I was often saving up for a new saw or some pretty wood to form into a bandsaw box.

After a good time painting professionally, I went to work at a grocery store where I was moved into management. I want to say I regret my time there, however, I learned a good bit about running a business as well as personnel management skills that I am grateful for. So after some time being unhappy I turned in my notice, went to work for a former coworker painting for a few months. Then BANG… Decided it was time to put myself in front of the business. And here we are today, helping to serve the Chattanooga area with all their home care or remodeling needs.

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